The Perfect Punch™ - Full Body Resistance Trainer

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Benefits you will get from using The Perfect Punch™

✔️ Gain Explosive Power 

Resistance training is the secret behind explosive power and big knockouts.

✔️ Enhance Speed

Without speed, power is useless. Enhance your speed and have the advantage in any striking exchange.

✔️ Increase Muscle Strength

Fighting takes muscular strength & endurance. Level up your strength and stay strong throughout the entire fight. No quitting here.

✔️ Burn Fat & Gain Cardio

The power punch pro will have your body on fire. The extra resistance helps you burn fat & calories getting you to your conditioning goals quicker.

Unlock ‘Professional-Levels’ Of Explosive Power When You Add This Into Your 30 Minute Workout

Why Athletes Choose The Power Punch Pro

  • Protects Your Joints - The Power Punch Pro puts less pressure on your joints and engages your muscles more, leading to stronger stabilizer/support muscles that help to protect you against future injuries.
  • Adjustable Resistance & Belt - Buckles can be adjusted to add more elastic rope to increase resistance . The Belt is also easily adjustable and can be changed from 26 inches to 41 inches, both wrist and ankle straps can also be adjusted to fit so that you can get the perfect workout.
  • Helps Maintain Your Guard - Adds a downward force to your arms that will strengthen your guard.
  • Durable and High Quality - The Power Punch Pro features soft high-quality latex, strong rubber, and custom-engineered nylon built to last and safe to use!

Most Asked Questions

How is the power punch pro different from a regular resistance band?

Regular resistance bands are great for gaining strength and endurance, however, when it comes to gaining explosive power for combative purposes they can't be as effective as the Power Punch Pro due to discomfort, bad form, and disoriented angle of resistance.

Other resistance bands simply do not move with you when doing fight specific movements.

Which resistance to choose? 100lbs or 140lbs?

The Power Punch Pro comes in two configurations:

  • Beginner: Each band adds 25 lbs of resistance (100 lbs total)
  • Advanced: Each band adds 35 lbs of resistance (140 lbs total)

If you're just starting out on your fitness journey we recommend starting with the beginner set. For our more experienced athletes, we recommend purchasing the advanced set.

What would be the main advantages over dumbell shadow boxing?

The Power Punch Pro moves with you and allows you to move freely without constraining your movements.

With dumbbells, it’s essentially just a weight at the end of a lever (your arm), which can negatively effect your technique and not as easy to move with.

The power punch pro uses resistance attached to your hips and legs so it functions the same way power is generated for a punch 🥊

Will the power punch pro disrupt my guard?

No, the bands are designed not to apply to much downward pressure when standing in the neutral position.

It will only apply pressure when the limbs are extended, so do not worry about it pulling your arms down.


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